Is it safe to travel to Colombia? 
Travel is safe to and in Colombia.  Traveling in Colombia is like traveling in large city in the U.S.  There are places that are dangerous, but we avoid those places.  As with any travel there are dangers, but then driving down the road in the U.S. is dangerous as well.  Here’s what the U.S. government has to say about travel in Colombia.

Do I need a passport? or vaccinations?
You will need a current passport to travel to Colombia, please check and make sure your passport will not expire during your trip. The US changes rules about travel, if your passport is going to expire within 6 months of your trip make sure you renew it. Generally there are no additional vaccinations you will need when traveling to Colombia. You should make sure your tetanus vaccination is current before traveling to Colombia, since we will be doing construction work. Occasionally there is a yellow fever vaccination requirement, but it isn’t very common for this requirement to be in effect, contact us to ask if it will be needed for your trip. It’s also very inexpensive to a yellow fever vaccine in Colombia, if it’s required they will often offer it for free. If you have an egg or chicken allergy however you will not be able to get one, you can get a release letter from the health department stating this and you will be allowed an exemption.

What should I pack, what is the climate like?
Please reference our packing lists & information section for answers to this question.

I’m worried that I’m too old or not in good enough shape for a work trip?
We are able to accommodate people of all ages and fitness levels. Do not let this keep you from going on mission trip to Colombia. You will not be required to do hard manual labor, we allow everyone to work at their own pace and complete the jobs/tasks they feel comfortable with. We don’t just need construction workers for our trips, we need people to grocery shop, cook food, do laundry, help clean up, etc. If you travel to Colombia we’ll find a job that you can help with in the mission work.

Will I be able to talk to my loved ones in the U.S. while I’m in Colombia?
Yes you will be able to contact your loved ones if necessary. You are lucky that you’re traveling to Colombia in this time. There is internet in Colombia and cell phones. Dale will have a cell phone and might have internet depending on where you are and what you’re doing. We will provide your family with emergency contact information should a problem arise either with your family in the U.S. or with you in Colombia.

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