While the cost of a trip may seem great in the beginning you can raise money to help cover your costs. Please do not hesitate to contact us for ideas to help with your fund raising efforts. You can also look around on this blog as we have some fund raising ideas on here.

The cost of the trip is $1000 and will include: meals and travel while in Colombia and extra for unforeseen expenses (fees, services, taxes, etc),any leftover additional funds will be used for the project you’re working on or to help cover future projects. The cost of the trip does not include airfare. Because of security issues we have each person/group purchase their own airfare to Bogota, Colombia.

We also encourage each person to raise at least $500 (hopefully more) to help with the project their group will be working on. We also encourage you to bring some extra spending money in case you want to purchase some things to take back to your friends & family (Colombian coffee makes a great gift).

Please send in a $200 retainer and the Covenant & Liability Release Form to secure your spot.