The Colombian Christian Mission provides scholarships each year for many of the students through its scholarship program. The scholarships for the 2014 school year are $250 US for all grades.

100% of the scholarship goes to the Colegio Peniel to pay tuition for the selected child. The Colombian Christian Mission does not deduct anything for processing or handling. Those expenses are paid out of the general operating fund. Anyone sponsoring a child through the scholarship program receives an information sheet and a picture of the sponsored student within a few months of the beginning of the school year usually in March or April. Then later in the year a progress report is sent to the sponsor. In this way the scholarship sponsors are able to see how the sponsored student is doing in his/her schoolwork. The rewards of helping a child with his/her education is great. It is a joy to share in this way.

If you are interested in helping a child with a scholarship, please contact us. You can download a PDF of our brochure below, it contains more information as well as a coupon to send in. We will share the good news and blessing with the children in Colombia as soon as we receive your letter in the mail. The smiles and appreciation will be ample reward as a child receives the privilege and honor of being able to attend school, thanks to your generosity!