Since arriving back from my teaching trip to Thailand in mid-January, I have been busy at work here in Colombia. My time is divided between work here at the camp, with the churches here in the prairie region, and the Christian School we run. Here at the camp we applied stucco to most of the new dorm building and a work crew wired it for us. While a long way from being finished, we are at least able to use the building for some things as we wait for funding to again work on moving it along. For our deaf family and friends camp in early April, the building was under roof and could be used by the guys for sleeping.

Then this past Sunday, at our family day, which is one of our biggest events of the year, we used the common area as a dining hall and fed nearly 200 people in there. That was a blessing. Also, in preparation for family day we made a push for a play ground set for the little kids. Just as I was about to throw in the towel, at the very last minute, two churches and two individuals came through and donated enough money to get the playground set installed and ready to use in time for our family day here at the camp this past Sunday. The playground set was packed with between 15 and 20 kids at any given time and was a great addition to the camp.

During this same five month period I have worked as one of the elders and preachers here at the church in Villavicencio, and in conjunction with that, I have ,add several visits to smaller churches in the villages and townships in the surrounding prairie region. I was asked to do a conference for the local school system in San Juan de Arama, on the effects of violence on children and learning. While I do not travel nearly as often as I once did, leaving most of that work to the Colombian brethren, I still do make occasional trips as I have many friends in these village churches and so it is nice to visit them and encourage them.

Finally, I work as our school counselor at our Christian Day School. Some weeks I will be in there every single day for the entire morning. Other weeks I will be there only when there is a specific need. I help out with behavioral issues and academic problems as we try to make sure every kid does well in our school. Also, at some point I will teach the philosophy classes, especially focusing on a Christian worldview and how that will help them throughout life.

Now, my time here in Colombia is short on this trip down. I will leave the first of June to spend time with family in the states and rest up a bit from the frenetic activity of my time here. Lord willing, I will return to Colombia in early July for my second stint down here for this year. The work in Colombia is going well and is exciting, as we see the Lord’s hand at work. Join us in praising Him for allowing us to partner in this ministry.