This past week my wife donated her sewing machine to the widow of one of our preachers. The lady wept for joy as she said she had dreamed her whole life of owning her own sewing machine. I had driven to a funeral in a nearby village and we dropped off the sewing machine because we know about her “dream” and my wife very generously told me to donate her machine.
But in spite of her joy, she needs something more. Let me share her story with you.

Her husband preached at the Altamira church. He was a very committed preacher and worked very hard. He was well liked and the church did well under his leadership. He was a great preacher but he had one major problem; he had a severe case of epilepsy. The medication ceased to work as time passed and his seizures became more frequent and severe. But he never gave up and he was so well loved at the congregation that even an occasional seizure while preaching was not a drawback.

They lived on the bank of a river and he fished and sold the fish he caught to supplement their income. But one day he went down to the river, had a seizure, fell in, and tragically drowned. He left his dedicated helpmeet-a young wife now a widow; and an infant daughter. The church was in shock. We buried our dear friend and morning the loss to the Kingdom. We helped his wife set up a chicken business to support herself and she did well. She continued to help in very many ways in the church as well. Things were going as well as could be expected.

Then one day her daughter became seriously ill and she did not have health care. She sold all of her chickens to pay the hospital bill. But then, once her daughter recovered and they returned home, she had no way to support herself as her chickens were all gone. She had no money to buy more chicks and get started again. Her situation was perilous. We heard about this and learned the details when we visited her and we sat around chatting. It was then we heard of her dream of a sewing machine. That was easy as my wife had her machine and did not use it with our children now grown. So she willingly offered it for donation and then I learned of this situation.

But now we really need to do right by her and provide her with money to restart her chicken business. We asked her for a budget. She took a day or two and checked prices so as to be accurate. It will cost about $800 to $1,200 to get her started again, depending on how big of a flock she starts with. We would very much like to help. But our benevolent fund is in the red as we have had many difficult cases recently we are helping out with. If you would like to help this faithful servant of the Lord re-establish herself, we would all praise God with you! Please send any size of love offering to our benevolent fund and mark it for “chickens” and we will get this dedicated servant of God back on her feet.