The fall is passing quickly and my semester of teaching as Missionary-in-Residence here at KCU is rapidly drawing to a close. I am making sure I can cover all of my material in the time and have left and beginning to work on writing up the final exams for the classes I am teaching. It has certainly been fun and I can only hope my students have benefited as much as I have. It has been good to get back into the intellectually stimulating environment of the university. I had wondered if I “still had it” as far as being able to teach and relate to the young students, but so far it seems to be going well. My end of semester evaluations will give me a better feel for that.

On weekends I have been traveling to our supporting churches and sharing the exciting things that God has been doing in Colombia. It is always great to get out and share the good news of God’s harvest with our coworkers in the missionary enterprise of the church. Along with that, I have so many good friends in each church and so it is great to see them again and be able to share with them for a bit. Traveling and visiting is an integral part of making the missionary ministry of the church alive and beneficial for each congregation; as well it should be.

There are times though when teaching all week and then traveling each weekend gets a bit tiring. The long drives and the lack of any real down time can be a bit fatiguing. Some Monday mornings I find myself dragging a bit and need to force myself up and to my office to get ready for the Monday morning class. This fall has helped me to realize that I am not as young as I used to be nor do I have the stamina I once had. In spite of that, it is good to push ourselves to do good, and this fall has given me ample opportunity to do just that.

It is great to share with the students and it is great to share with all of you. I look forward to both, just as I look forward to getting back to Colombia and getting back into the Lord’s work there. While a fall like this one might be a bit much as far as keeping this schedule long term, it has been a very enjoyable fall and I have been blessed by being able to serve in both capacities once again. Thank you to all of you and to KCU for blessing me in such a gracious manner!