The Bethlehem work crew arrived the very next day after the Deaf Missions work crew had left and returned to the States. I picked them up at the airport and we spend the night in the Bogotá apartment. Then the next morning we headed down the mountain for two weeks at the church camp project. We had a good drive through the Andes and arrived at the camp by late morning. The guys wanted to get straight to work and soon had shovels and wheel barrows working on spreading fill on the new driveway access to the expansion project.

For the next ten days or so, I would head into the school to work in the mornings and the guys would work on the jobs we had set out for the day. I would arrive back at the camp around noon to see how things were going and make a list of supplies we would need for the next day. In the afternoons we would continue to work on the second cabin and infrastructure projects, such as the driveway.

The wood arrived for the roof and soon the work crew was busy putting the varnish on the wood that would soon be the roof of the second cabin. The Lord blessed us with great weather as the rainy season had already began. But in an unusual weather pattern for this time of year, our rains were coming at night, leaving clear weather so we could work during the days. It was as if the Lord were smiling upon our efforts.

On Saturday we visited a new church plant in a shanty town outside of Villavicencio. Tom preached and I translated for him. On Sunday we attended church in Villavicencio and again Tom preached. He had two decisions as he concluded his message for an exciting conclusion to their time there in Colombia.

As their time in Colombia drew to a close, the work crew had finished spreading the fill for the new driveway access to the camp expansion site so we could get building materials back there in the trucks rather than having to move it all by wheel barrow. They also applied the finish to nearly all of the wood that will become the new roof and ceiling of the second cabin.

With that done, and time having run out, we finished up the lose ends and the work crew members packed to head back up to Bogotá and then return to the States. At that point the Colombian workers took over installing the wood and the roofing over top of that. Once that is finished, we will need to stop the project until we have more designated funding available, as we have run up a deficit as we attempted to get the driveway in and the second cabin under roof.

We headed back up to Bogota on Monday the 23rd of April and on Tuesday we visited Monserrate and purchased some items they wanted to take back with them. Then on Wednesday morning I took them out to the airport and said goodbye. It was great to have them down and they had made a huge contribution to the camp project. And as with the first group, they headed home excited by seeing what the Lord is doing in Colombia and with many great new experiences to share with the church at Bethlehem.