During my recent short time in Colombia, we held our deaf camp, and had two work crews down to help with the work in Colombia. The first work crew was a small group of three people who helped out with the deaf camp. Dewayne Liebrandt, the deaf ministries missionary who is heading up the deaf work in Colombia came down with a couple from Virginia, Dewey and Laurie Hensley, and and Bob Santel, an electrician from Southern Ohio. We spent the first night in the apartment in Bogotá and then traveled down to Villavicencio on Tuesday.
They helped with the deaf camp for the first week in April while Bob, our electrician installed the wiring in the second cabin. The entire week saw everyone working with great dedication to fulfill his or her responsibilities and complete the tasks given to them. As the week of dear camp ended, Bob had finished the wiring and needed to return to the states for a job that was waiting. Laurie and Dewey remained at the camp for a second week. The entire deaf camp of some 150 people attended church in Villavicencio that Sunday and then the deaf and Dewayne and I headed up to Bogotá to take Bob to the airport.

Dewayne and I dropped Bob off at the airport on Monday evening and headed back down to Villavicencio to continue working at the camp with Dewey and Laurie. During the second week in Colombia we worked on many projects but the main focus was working on getting the new gate painted and cleaning up and repairing the normal wear and tear left by having nearly 150 people on a one acre camp ground. Dewey and Laurie did a great job in getting things back in order. We drove back up to Bogotá on Friday and did some sight seeing on Saturday. We visited the Suba church that Sunday morning then after the first service there we headed to the deaf church for a second but very different service.

Their time in Colombia had been great as we had a spectacular week of camp and saw significant progress on the camp project, both the expansion plan and the current camp property. At the same time, all of those who participated felt the excitement of seeing what God is doing in Colombia and headed home with many thrilling and wonderful experiences to share. It was a joy to have them down and they did a great deal to move our camp project forward. As they left on Monday, another work crew from Bethlehem church, in Southern Ohio, arrived for our second work crew of this Spring season.