We have been working on the camp expansion. Late last year, the neighbor who had allowed us to drive through his pasture field planted the field in papaya trees. After that time, we had no way to get materials back to the construction site. To resolve that situation we began working to open a drive through the current camp property. Trees have been removed and the gate structures are nearly complete. Now we are awaiting funding to be able to fabricate the iron gates and install them.

This is the structure that will support the front entrance gate. Eventually it will have a roof over it as well to protect if from the rain.

This is the structure that will support the gate at the back of the current camp property. This will allow us to host two different events as the same time, or by opening it up, one large event using both sections.

This view is looking through the front gate towards the back gate and it shows the area were we will install a gravel driveway down the side of the current camp property.