We have been moving ahead with the camp expansion project in preparation for the arrive of two work crews in the month of April. Both are small groups, but we are excited to have them. Undoubtedly we would have had many more people coming down, but the delays and uncertainty of the trips with my wife’s cancer treatments meant that many people had to cancel. Still, we are excited to have these two groups coming and are looking forward to making some significant progress while there are in Colombia.

At the present time we have continued to slowly move forward with the driveway back to the camp expansion lot. We have moved slowly because of the lack of funds for this project. Yet we must have the driveway in before we can get materials back for the work crews that will be arriving in just a few weeks now. We are at the point where we now need to install the security gates. But each gate will cost about $1,200 to fabricate and we need two of them.

While this is not as exciting as the progress on a cabin or the installation of critical infrastructure, it is just as necessary for the continued progress of the camp project. Please speak with your church and/or Sunday school class and see if there is a chance you could partner with us on this important step forward for the work in Colombia. It is critical we install the security gates and gravel the driveway so as to have it in service in three weeks when the first work crews arrive. Your participation will be a blessing to many and I have no doubt that God will bless you as well for choosing to be a part of this exciting development project at the church camp in Colombia.