Today we were once again at Parkview Breast Care Center at the Barberton Hospital. We have been heading over there every day this week. On Monday we went over for some final testing and the adjusting of the equipment for Jeanie’s treatment program. Then on Tuesday she received her first dose of radiation therapy. We had begun what will be a rather demanding schedule for what we hope will be the final element of her active treatment.

During this phase of her treatment we need to drive over every single day of the week for her radiation application. She is scheduled for 10:45 in the morning, so we leave here a bit before 10AM each day. Once there, she goes into the dressing area to get ready and then is taken into the radiation chamber, where she is carefully positioned on the table. For the next ten minutes or so, the radiation machine moves around and targets the different areas that they wish to radiate. After that, she can dress and we head back home.

This goes on Monday through Friday each week. She will get the weekends off. Once each week she will have a visit with one of the oncologists and today was our day for that consultation. The oncologist makes certain that she is not burning or having any other problems from the radiation and answers any questions we might have. We are not certain yet how long this treatment will last but it will most likely go through the end of March.

We have come to the conclusion that cancer treatment is nearly a full time job. It seems to consume so much of one’s time and energies. We are thankful for the skill of the physicians and the courteous staff. We are also thankful to each and every one of your for your thoughts, words of encouragement, and your prayers. We are so blessed to have so many loving and concerned friends and so do not have to face this difficult time along. Thanks you so much for that and may God bless each and every one of you just as you have been such a blessing to us during these recent, difficult months.