The cold dark days of winter are beginning to brighten up with the promise of the spring that is to come. For the first time in many years, I am still here in the States as I accompany my wife in her cancer treatment. The kids at the school in Villavicencio have missed me as I am always there for the beginning of classes. Many of them have sent me notes on Facebook wondering when I will return to Colombia. I inform that of Jeanie’s cancer and the treatments she is receiving and they are very understanding and say they will be praying her. The Church leaders too write often to ask about my plans; plans that I do not yet have as we wait to see how Jeanie does and how long the treatment will go on.

Still, with all of the uncertainty, I must make some tentative plans and within the uncertainties that we face develop a reasonable time frame for the future. So at this time, depending on my wife’s health, I am considering returning to Colombia in mid to late March. We have a very large deaf camp planned for the first week in April and it would be very difficult to go forward with that if I am not in the country at that time. Since we have planned for this and publicized it for a full year now, I am reluctant to cancel it and disappoint the one hundred plus deaf that are planning on attending. So while my plans are still conditional on how my wife is doing, I am hoping to head back to Colombia in March.

We are also hoping to be able to begin work on the camp project again soon so as to have a driveway back to the expansion project area so that we can begin building again as soon as I am back and work crews can begin arriving. We still have two or three groups that are hoping to go in and work on the camp yet this year. We are holding up as we do not have the funds for initiating this crucial project at this time. The drive will cost an estimated $4,000 to level the ground and add a base of gravel to firm up the soil. Included in this price are gates that we use in Colombia to secure the area. As the time approaches for when I hope to return to Colombia, it is important to begin work on the driveway so that any work crews will be able to work on the camp project.

We are confident that the Lord will use many of you to help get this project moving forward again. Please consider being a blessing to the work in Colombia by helping us to get this important infrastructure project moving so that it will be ready by the time we expect to need it in late March or early April. Why not suggest this project to your church or Sunday school class today. You can be a part of this new and exciting camp ministry in Colombia in this way. Send you love offering to the Colombian Christian Mission and mark the check for camp project.