Yesterday, Jeanie and I went for her appointment with the oncologist. She gave us the information about her cancer and the treatment plan. Jeanie’s cancer is lobular carcinoma and the tumor was at stage 2B with an annotation. The annotation related to the fact that one lymph node contained some cancer cells but that test is one that is not yet accepted as standard medical practice. As a result, they do not use it as definitive but include it as an annotation. The size of the tumor was 8.5cm, which is large.

As a result, the oncologist is recommending a four dose treatment with chemotherapy, using the drugs cyclophosphamide (cytoxan) and docetaxel (Taxotere), which will be administered intravenously together with medications to control nausea. The treatments will be administered once every three weeks beginning on the 14th of December and running through the end of February. Sometime during that procedure, they will decide if radiation to cleanse the chest wall is also necessary.

We go in tomorrow for a control visit with the surgeon and to have the drain removed (hopefully). That will allow Jeanie to be much more comfortable and to continue healing from the surgery. As you might expect, this leaves all of our plans subject to her treatment and healing, which are our top priority at this moment. We thank you for your thoughts and prayers so far and ask you to please continue to keep Jeanie in your prayers as we trust the Lord for healing.