Last week we spent almost the entire week visiting specialists and getting pre-surgical blood work done. It was a busy time and with all of the exams and tests the week went by quickly. This week it was a time of waiting. This morning (Thursday, November 10th)the tumor board met and discussed her case and then today at 11:00 AM we had our meeting with the surgeon.

She explained what the decisions were and their recommended treatment, which we had already decided we would follow. As a result, Jeanie is scheduled for surgery on Monday morning, the 14th of November. She will have a simple mastectomy with the removal of the sentinel lymph nodes. This will be done on an outpatient basis and she should be ready to come home by early afternoon. Recovery time is expected to be about three weeks.

About three weeks later we will also get the final results of the full biopsy of the tumor and the lymph nodes, so at that time we will be informed if they successfully removed all of the cancerous cells. If that is the case; and we are praying that it be, then there will be no need for any further treatment. If there is any sign of the cancer having spread, then the oncologist will decide what further treatment would be needed.

So I ask for your prayers for my wife during this time; especially on Monday during the time of her surgery. Please pray with me that the surgery be a success and that all of the cancerous tissue will be successfully removed at that time. We thank you for your expressions of concern and for your prayers; past, present, and future, during this difficult time for us.