One of the big expenses of this first cabin is developing the infrastructure that will serve for all of the rest of the project. As the first cabin nears completion, the infrastructure is moving along as well. We could not afford the sewage system at this time so we put in a septic tank for now. This will work for the first cabin or maybe too, but it will buy us time to be able to raise the funds for further developing the infrastructure. We have also temporarily brought water in from the shallow well on the current camp property. This water is contaminated by the septic systems in the area, but at least we have water. IDES has partnered with us on a water project and so we soon hope to drill a deep well and have potable water available for all of the camp and even for the neighborhood very soon.


But one area where we have been stuck and where there is an urgent need to move is the installation of the electricity. We borrowed from different funds to begin the project as we had an opportunity that we either had to grasp or we might languish for years without electricity. We got the high tension lines run and the transformer installed. Now we need at least $2,500 to finish the installation and connect the electricity to the first cabin. The finished cabin will be of limited use if we cannot connect the internal installation to the transformer hanging on the pole behind the cabin. Please help us meet this need by donating for the installation of electricity to the first cabin. Within days of getting the funds, we can have electricity available for the first cabin and for the subsequent cabins we build. So help us meet this urgent need as quickly as possible.

There are many other projects, from something so mundane as a lawn mower to the sponsoring of an entire new cabin. We still owe money on the lot and so have not been able to do the title transfer yet either. But at the moment, our priority is getting electricity connected so the first cabin will be fully usable as soon as the builders walk away for the last time. Please speak with your church or Sunday school class to see if you can share in this exciting ministry by helping us “light up the night” both literally and figuratively as we preach the Good News about the “Light of the World” here in Colombia!