I have just returned from Villavicencio where I spent two weeks overseeing the construction of the first cabin. I am here to pick up the next work crew that will be working to completely paint the cabin, inside and out. They will arrive here in Bogotá tonight and we will spend the weekend with the deaf church. Then on Sunday afternoon we will head down to Villavicencio to begin working on the cabin.

During these past two weeks we finished up the basic cement construction, including the sub-floors and the last of the electrical installation. We began the process of installing the finished floors and the ceramic tile in the bathrooms and the kitchen. The carpenter came and installed the doors. All of the windows were installed as well. The basic construction has moved right along. Each day some project or part of the cabin is finished and the workers move on to the next element that demands their attention.

While I am in Bogotá to pick up the work crew, the workers will have three more days to finish up many of the projects that they have started. By the time I arrive back in Villavo with the work crew, we expect the workers to have both bath rooms fully installed and functioning. They should be pretty well finished the floors as well. That means there will be some tile to install in the kitchen, the installation of the railings around the back porch, and the painting. With that, the construction of the first cabin should be finished. All that will be left will be the landscaping and installing a side walk to the cabin from the front area where the current camp functions.

At that time we will be forced to cease all work until designated funds come in for the construction project. We have exhausted the funds we had in our major projects fund. We hope to get the next foundation in and the walls partially up before the next work crew arrives. That will require about $3,000 for the foundations and about $2,000 for the walls. That will allow the electricians and plumbers to work as the crew finishes the walls and begins the installation of the roof.

This has been an exciting project to be involved in and it has allowed us to begin receiving work crews again after a period of inactivity. But it has also involved funding a major project as well. You can be a part of this exciting project as it moves forward by planing to be a part of a future work crew (we hope to have them come down in February and August each year) and/or by sending in a love offering to keep the project moving forward. God will bless you as you give generously and you will be a blessing to many campers and church leaders as they benefit from the labors of your love offering.