Cabuyaro is a small fishing village surrounded by ranches and farms and is a port on the Meta River, in southeastern Colombia. Mark Stringer lived there for a years in the early 70’s and started a church. That church is still there and going strong. It has built a nice building and is guided by an elderly preacher and a younger one, as well as by the elders of the church. During the late 70‘s and all through the 80’s I visited the church at least once each month, preaching and training leaders there.

But the church had become somewhat stagnate in recent years and growth was limited. The old preacher was a hard worker but he had battled tuberculosis, apparently picked up on some preaching trip into the jungle prairie region. This led to heart troubles and he was seriously limited in what he could do. So the church called a new preacher to come on board and help. The new preacher arrived with energy and all sorts of new ideas. Since then he has been working to get things moving again and had diligently worked to enhance the worship services.

A part of these plans was to get some training in music for some of the young people in the church and get some of them trained to play a keyboard. They hired a music teacher and things have moved along well. But as the church was trying to support their preacher, the elderly preacher, and the other programs of the church, the $1,000 price tag for a decent keyboard here in Colombia was an obstacle that was proving too difficult for them in their current circumstances. They wrote me a letter and asked if we could help. I felt the project was worthwhile and would be a big encouragement to a faithful church that needed a boost.

If you could help with the purchase of a keyboard for Cabuyaro, it would be a great encouragement to a group of believers who have been faithfully preaching the Gospel in this are of Colombia for nearly forty years. It would encourage a new preacher with a lot of enthusiasm and some great ideas for getting things moving again. Please send your love offering the our forwarding agent and make it as a love offering for purchasing a keyboard for Cabuyaro. You will be encouraging the brethren and helping them as they work to preach the Gospel in the jungle prairie region of southeastern Colombia.