After a month of inactivity, so that I could help Martin Sanders with two work crews he had here in the country, we restarted construction on the first cabin at the church camp expansion project. The workers began putting stucco on the remaining walls and laying tile on the floors. One bathroom still needs to be tiled and some of the doors and windows need to be installed. We are hoping to complete the first cabin this month, or at very least, have it ready to paint when the work crew arrives on the 29th of July. We still have room on this work crew, so if you are interested and have a passport, please contact Susy as quickly as possible to make arrangements to be a part of finishing this very first cabin!

As this cabin nears completion, we are getting ready to start work on the foundations for the second cabin. This will be one that the work crew next year in early February moves along when they come down. If it is too late for you to come this year and you would like to be a part of one of these work crews, then contact us and ask about the work crew project. It is an exciting and rewarding way to be a part of all that God is doing here in Colombia. For nearly ten years we had stopped work crews as it was too dangerous to bring them in. Now things are quite safe here now and you can come and see all that God has been doing here.

Also, this last week I got a quote on putting in a new swimming pool. As you can imagine, in the tropics, the extreme heat makes swimming pools extremely popular at church camps and leadership training sessions. The current pool is very small, measuring about 9’ by 12’ as it was designed for family use only. But it is also fairly old and is in bad shape. It needs to be replaced. For a pool that would be 18’ by 36’ complete with treatment plant, I was quoted a cost of approximately $36,000 U.S. dollars. Added to the projects for potable water, a sewage treatment plant, and the cabin construction, there is much to be done.

Certainly God can use you in some special way in the project. Consider coming down on a work crew or helping to raise the money to build a cabin or put in the new swimming pool. God is blessing the work here and will certainly use you to be such a blessing. And in the process, there is little doubt that you would be blessed as well. Prayerfully consider how God wants to use you to be a part of this exciting project!