This week the workers began the process of installing the roof on the first cabin of the church camp expansion. This is a major step as the rainy season is beginning and the roof will allow them to work inside on the days that it rains. Early in the week they were putting the preservative on the wood and by Thursday the wood was finished. They installed the roof on the garage area of the cabin and on the first of the week they will finish the rest of the cabin roof. By early next week, the entire cabin should be under roof.
After that the finishing work will be begin. The first step will be the installation of the electrical conduit. After that the stucco will be applied inside and outside of the cabin. The next steps will be tiling and installing the bathroom fixtures and doing the kitchen. Finally the floors will be laid and the wiring installed in the conduit. The painting will wait until I have time to do it or until we have a work crew in Colombia to finish that aspect. The goal is to have this first cabin usable by the end of May.
As soon as the first cabin is done, or at least inhabitable, we hope to begin the foundations for the second cabin. We want to have the second foundation in by the 29th of July when the first work crew is scheduled to arrive. They will then work on the second cabin and putting the finishing touches on the first cabin. Then from that time forward we hope to have two cabins under construction at any given time. One will be in the finishing stages while the other will be in the early stages of construction.
That will allow people to work in whatever area of expertise they have or it will allow people with no specific building skills to work in some area of the camp construction. We are planning for two work crews each year; one to come in early February and the other in early August. If you are interested talk with your church and find out when you can bring a group in or simply plan on coming by yourself at any one of these times. We would love to have you and you will be thrilled by what God is doing in Colombia. The excitement will inspire you in every aspect of your Christian walk.

Another way you can help is to raise funds at your church or Sunday school class for this project or give personally to help fund one of the cabins. The recent deaf camp was held elsewhere because we did not have enough room in our current one acre church camp. You can bless many new Christians in Colombia by being a part of this camp expansion and God will bless you as you serve Him in this way! You will be thrilled by your participation in this project; in whatever way you are led to be a part of this exciting and important project.