April 11, 2011: This morning I saw Gordon Clifford, of Christian Mission Press off at the airport. He had come to Colombia to bring in a load of material and to visit the work. I had taken with me to Saravena, after explaining the risks to him. When we returned from Saravena we immediately took off for Villavicencio the next morning. All week I worked on the the cabin project at the church camp expansion. I made trips to purchase materials and talked over decisions about the construction with the builder and the different sub-contractors and suppliers. The cabin is making good progress and we hope to be able to roof it this week. That will enable the builders to work inside when it is raining; and it appears that our rainy season has begun.


We are pressing ahead with the infrastructure and the first cabin in preparation for a series of work crews that are planning on coming to Colombia in the next few years. We need to have one cabin closed in so as to be able to store materials on sight and to do the iron work and other preparatory work near where the building is occurring. We also will use it as a model and guide for the future cabins that will be built. Along with that we are getting the infrastructure in place. We now have a water line run from the well at the old section of the camp until we can drill a well for safe drinking water. We are checking into having electricity installed now.

The First Cabin at the Camp

This first cabin is coming in on budget with about $10,000 for the initial work and and additional $10,000 for the finishing work. The well will cost about $12,000 to $14,000 depending on the depth we have to drill to in order to obtain a good flow of clean water. We have a rough estimate of $4,000 to $5,000 to install the post, transformer, and electrical installation for the expansion area. While we have had some special donations, we have a urgent need for the funds to move these projects forward. If you or your church would like to be a part of this exciting project to expand our camp here in Colombia, please send you designated donations to the Colombian Christian Mission. In that way, you can give us the tools we need to move this project forward and be ready to receive the work crews that will begin in August this year.