Last week, while in Villavicencio for our Learning Difficulty conference, we stayed out at the camp. That was a convenient location and we enjoyed their small swimming pool in the heat of the tropical evenings. But staying there had an additional advantage; I could watch the progress on the first cabin in our church camp development program as it progressed. Each night, by the light of a flashlight (there is no electricity back there yet), I would head out back to see the daily progress.
It is exciting to see this first cabin going up. It will be a model for the rest and will serve as a base of operation for future building. We can store materials there and the workers will have a place to work out of the rain during the rainy season. We hope to complete this cabin as quickly as possible in order to have it ready for those uses when our first work crew arrives in August. They will do some of the finishing work on the first cabin and begin putting up walls for the second cabin during the first ten days of August.
If you would like to be a part of this first work crew, get in touch with our forwarding agent as soon as possible so we have the best chance of being able to include you in this project. Each person will travel from the airport nearest them and then the entire work crew will board the same plane in the city of departure for the flight into Bogotá. We will travel down to Villavicencio where we will stay at the camp during the work phase of the trip. Our final day or two will be in Bogotá for a bit of sight seeing.
Imagen 004-1
We still lack funds to finish this first cabin and to lay the foundation for the second cabin. Please consider being a part of this work crew by coming in person or by helping to get this project of off the ground with your love offering. Check out the pictures of the progress and then share in the excitement by sharing with us in this important project!