The work on the first cabin at the church camp is progressing slowly but surely. This week they workers poured the slab with locks together the foundation and provides the surface on which the block walls will be laid up. With that major step, they will now begin laying the block walls and we will begin to see something protruding from the ground. This is an exciting step forward and we are hoping to get the first cabin under roof by the time the rainy season hits. Rainy season will stop any work that involves digging as the ditches or holes simply fill with water and the sides cave in. So it is important that we achieve this next step as quickly as possible.

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Construction has brought new problems as well. With our tiny one acre church camp, it has been hard to build and to hold camp at the same time. The builders and the materials are in the way of the camp activities and the camp activities make it hard for the builders to work. Because of this, we also need to get the first cabin under roof so that we can store materials there and have a dry place for the workers during the heavy rains of the early rainy season. We had originally planned on getting the foundations in and waiting for the first work crew in August to move ahead with the project. But the interference with the camp makes that difficult. So we now hope to move ahead and get one cabin under roof and have a foundation ready to start a second cabin.

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The main holdup for that plan right now is funding. We have enough designated giving to get the foundation in and maybe a bit more. But we lack enough money to get the cabin under roof and get started with the next foundation. It will take about $8,000 dollars to get the cabin under roof and have it usable for construction space and storage. This will also mean that there will be work at every stage of the construction process for work crews that come down. It will mean that we can work under roof on rainy days. So it is really important that we continue to move ahead. Also, we still need about $1,200 dollars in order to finish paying of our half of the lot. Please help us with this important project so that we can have at least some of this new space available and usable for the next big camp season, which will begin in the fall. Please be a blessing to the work in Colombia by making a designated gift to the continued progress of the camp expansion project.