For the last three weeks we have been working on the first cabin we hope to build on the new property that we helped purchase at the church camp in Villavicencio with your generous help. While we still owe about $1,200 on the lot, the current owner has given up permission to begin working and someone very generously donated $4,000 to put in the foundation for the first cabin. We have been running water and a temporary electrical installation back there. That is now finished and we began site preparation for the foundation. That was competed last week and this week they are beginning to lay in the iron work and pour the footers and then the foundation. We are hoping to have the first foundation ready for a work crew that will arrive within a few weeks.


We have openings for several people to come on the work crew that will be coming to Colombia July 29 – August 10, if you are interested, please let us know. Also, we continue to need funds for the building of the cabins themselves. Each cabin will cost about $20,000 and will sleep up to 12 campers with two bathrooms available to them. We plan on having five cabins on each side of the new property for a total of ten cabins that will house 120 campers. This is a large project with plenty of opportunities for work crews which we will be planning every year until the project is complete. If you or your church is interested, please contact Susy, you can also visit the Work Crew Website for more info. Also, if the Lord moves you to be a part of this project through a special love offering towards the construction costs, that would be a great blessing as well.

I will be spending considerable time in Villavicencio this year as I help oversee the construction and lead work crews down to the camp to help with this project. Along with this I will continue to teach in the Bible college, work with the kids at Peniel School, and preach and teach at different churches. There is a great deal going on here in Colombia and it is a very exciting time. Why not plan on joining in on this excitement by joining with us in the church camp project through special giving or by coming down on a work crew. God will bless you through your participation and will bless us through you. We look forward to sharing the blessings and the thrill of the work here!