For the last two weeks I hosted Gordon Clifford, of Christian Mission Press. He was here to bring in literature and to coordinate and work on various editorial projects related to books I have written or translated and that he will be publishing. We had a good time with him and it was a very profitable ministry effort where we are helping each other to do even more in the Lord’s work. He flew out of the country last Thursday and has since arrived back at his home base of Silver City, New Mexico. But on the same day he flew out, Dewayne Liebrandt of Deaf Ministries International flew into the country. I picked him up Thursday evening at the international airport.

Since then we have been involved in intensive work with the deaf church we have planted here in Colombia. Dewayne has been helping with computer training and with teaching the deaf preacher. I have been coordinating with him and with the deaf church in the ministry effort here. He will be here for another week during which time we hope to get much accomplished in strengthening and guiding the deaf church as it grows and moves forward.

As with Gordon, this is a joint ministry in which Dewayne provides his considerable expertise in evangelism and leadership training among the deaf community and I contribute my knowledge of Colombia and Colombian culture. It is a truly symbiotic relationship where our networked ministries accomplish far more together than either one of us could by ourselves. I look forward to the next ten days of intensive work as we share in this exciting and inspirational ministry.