I arrived back in Colombia on January 20th to begin this period of intensive work. Following my typical pattern of waiting until rates drop after the January 10th “Day of the Three Kings” holiday, which officially ends the Colombian Christmas season, I booked my flight and returned to Colombia. My first week here is always a dizzying flurry of activities, meetings, phone calls, errands, and the like. My first job is getting the apartment set up and supplied with food. I need to make sure all utilities and services are functioning and paid up to date. I need to buy food, especially all perishables, as I use those all up before I leave. Then I also buy things such as beef and chicken to cook and freeze meals so that I have everything ready without taking time to do that each day.

Along with all of that there are always many people who want to meet with me or speak with me. Immediately upon arrival I begin to get calls and visits from many of the people in the church. Most just want to great me and welcome me back into Colombia and to the work. Others have some problem or need that they want me to try and help them with. Then there are always requests for visits and for preaching or teaching at one of the churches. I also need to get things set up and moving for my teaching schedule with the Bible college program. And of course the administration of our Christian day school in Villavicencio are anxious to get our program together for our work there as the school year is just beginning.

It is a very busy time and I am bustling around from the very early morning until late at night when I finally shut of my cell phone and get ready to retire for the night. All of my time, from morning till night is occupied by some activity related the the work we do here. Here in Colombia I have not hobbies and there is not place that I am interesting in going, except for the work. Besides, we must “make the most of our time for the days are evil.” We must work “while it is day for the night is coming when no one can work.” We make every effort to be the very best stewards of the time and opportunities that God gives here here on this earth and especially here in Colombia!