As the Colombian church has grown, they have begun to build some of the institutions and infrastructure typical to a mature church. One of the collateral ministries has been a church camp for use by the different congregations. The Colombian church purchased a one acre mini-farm a few years ago and has since supported that and used it extensively. In relatively small house, they have packed in bunk rooms and restrooms and together with tents, frequently have sixty to one hundred people there for different camps, seminars, and retreats. While a one acre church camp might seem implausible to many in the United States, it is what the Colombian church can afford to purchase and maintain. It is important that collateral ministries no exceed the capacity of the local church or it becomes a burden. In some cases camps and Bible colleges require perpetual support from the States to function and actually limit the local church in its growth and maturity.

But once the local church has begun a project, American churches can contribute to that and enhance the efforts of the local church. Here in Colombia we have seen the local church grow in its maturity and capabilities. The tiny church camp has been a real blessing. As a result, now is a great time to put our shoulder to the wheel and help the Colombian church expand and enhance this ministry. This past year we helped purchase another acre of land. On that added property we now want to help build several camping cabins that can be used by married couples or as bunk houses for boys or girls. Each of these cabins will have a total cost of about $20,000.00US for the finished, two bedroom cabin. We have included floor plans and an architectural drawing of the proposed cabins. The cost will be divided up in approximately $3,000.00 for foundations, $10,000.00 for the basic construction, and then another $7,000.00 for the finishing work.

We are hoping to help the Colombian church with this project by bringing work crews into Colombia to do a good part of the construction on these cabins. If your church is interested in participating in a work crew to Colombia, you can begin by considering this project. You could bring a work crew of ten or twelve people from your church alone or join with another church to form a group. Ten or twelve is about the limit for transportation and for constructive cooperation on a relatively small project. Your church would also need to raise the money for the materials for the portion of the project to be completed by your work crew. We would be able to handle one or two work crews each year for the next several years as we hope to put about ten cabins on the property for a completion of this project. If you are interested, please write to our forwarding agent and ask to be placed on our special mailing list. Then you can begin to promote the work crew and project in your local church as we plan for the best time of the year for your church.

We look forward to partnering with you in helping the Colombian church move forward with this exciting project and to contributing to the continued growth of the Colombian church towards maturity and self-sufficiency.