It has been about one year since we launched our project to increase the size of our one acre church camp. Land here is very expensive, due in part to the insecurity. Areas that are secure are quite expensive. Our church camp is located in an area near the end of the runway for the air base, so military patrols keep this section quite safe. As a result, we have been able to use the camp with few concerns for safety. In spite of the very small piece of land we have, we regularly have fifty or more campers for events. The camp is used for leader’s retreats and short outings for the church and school. It has been a great blessing.

As a result, Martin Sanders and I felt it was well worth the effort to increase the size and utility of the camp by purchasing an adjoining lot. The new piece of ground is about an acre and a quarter in size and will give us the ability to put in a bigger swimming pool or a soccer field. We also hope to build dorms there in the form of rows of rooms, so we can use the camp for married couple retreats as well. The one draw back was the cost of the land and the economic downturn in the States. But after much prayer and thoughtful consideration we decided to move forward, because if we did not, the piece of land would go to someone else and be lost forever to the church and the camp. With more than a bit of concern and doubt, we launched the project.

In the last year, many of you have generously helped with this project. We had three dates this year in which we had to give the owner about $5,000 in installments. The first due date was in March of this year. We had enough special offerings to make that first payment on time. But I again nervously awaited as the next date rolled around. But again many of you made special donations to this project and I have just finished giving the owner the second payment of $5,000 right on schedule to make the second payment. We now have two more months to raise the last $5,000 needed to make the final payment on the lot and receive the title to the land. We continue to pray and trust the Lord to provide so that we can add this piece of property to the camp. Consider raising money in your small group, youth group, Sunday School Class, Children’s Church or other group for this program.

Once we have title to the property we would begin to organize work crews to come down and help us build the dorms that will be the next step in adding to the utility of our church camp for the blessing of the Lord’s work here in Colombia. Please consider helping us to pay off this land as quickly as possible so that we can wrap up this project and secure this addition to our church camp property. If you can make a special donation for this project, we will then be able to breath a sigh of relief as the commitments will have been met! Even before dorm rooms are up, we can begin using the property as a make shift soccer field and for other outdoor activities. Please consider helping us achieve this goal so that we can move forward as the Lord provides for the additional phases of the project.