When Paul Odham was in Colombia, we presented our annual conferences on Learning Difficulties. This year Dewayne Liebrandt also came down and we video taped all of the sessions, so that people who could not attend would be able to take advantage of the training. This enabled us to teach not only the seven hundred teachers and parents who attended our sessions but through video to extend that teaching all over the jungle/prairie region of Colombia. Everyone could learn from the training sessions by seeing them on videos at their own time and convenience. In this way we could help many more teachers and parents as well as the students they serve and love.

But taping the videos was only half of the work. Upon returning to the United States Dewayne had to render all of the videos and begin the editing process. He worked and did as much editing as possible, but there were many things he could not do until I arrived. I needed to decide on the Spanish parts of the dialogue and also some of the parts of the teacher where the audio was not the best or where we had some distractions or repetitions. So for the final editing, I needed to be there to work with Dewayne in the process.

So this week, I traveled on Friday to Cincinnati for a speaking date at the Ross Church and then after my speaking date I drove over to Greenfield, Indiana and Dewayne and I worked for about three days from early morning till late evening in an effort to get most of the video editing done. Dewayne handled the technical part and I helped with the decisions on what to cut and how to produce the final product so that it will provide the information that we need to get out for the people who need help with students and children with Learning Difficulties. We are now fairly well done with the work. Dewayne will clean it up by polishing out the fades where we have blended together the different cuts, but Lord willing, we will soon have about seven hours of teaching of Learning Difficulties that can be used to train the teachers and parents in Colombia. We are both exhausted but content to have this valuable teaching tool available for our churches and schools in Colombia.