This time in Colombia we have a very special project in the works.  Most of you are aware that almost three years ago, together with Dewayne Liebrandt and Deaf Ministries International; we launched the very first deaf church in Colombia. That work has continued to progress and this year should be on its own, independent of the hearing church that it was partnering with. The growth, both numerical and spiritual is impressive. We have seen the hand of God at work in this ministry. We have been working to train the leadership of this church and have seen them increasingly take the lead in defending Biblical teaching against the false doctrine that is so prevalent.

But now it is time to take the next step. We need to continue to train these leaders to a higher level as they are the ones who will be increasingly involved in the training of the next generation of deaf leadership. To do that, we are going to begin a Bible College program with the deaf this semester. I will be working to adapt the current program we are using to Colombian sign language and deaf culture. It is a daunting task but a very necessary one if we are to move forward. This next week, we will begin our very first class with three deaf students. In the process, we will have to develop the methodology that we can use to teach and that will meet the requirements of the accrediting association in the State. It will not be easy, but it is a very important step in this process.

Please keep this important next step in your prayers. If you church would like to help with the costs involved in this new phase of Bible college leadership training, please send you love offering to our forwarding agent with a note indicating that it is for the deaf Bible college program. In that way you will be a part of this important pioneering work to open the doors of the Gospel to nearly three percent of the population here in Colombia.