I have been in Villavicencio all week working at the school and checking up on the water tower that the work crew started. I have been starting my work day this time at 8 o’clock, instead of 5:30 as I normally do. Plus, I have been quitting by mid to late afternoon. I decided to limit my days to eight or ten hours after becoming quite ill after my last week of sixteen and eighteen hour days. So I work with the school in the morning and then make some calls in the afternoon or I head out to the church camp to see how the water tower is progressing. It has been a fun week and I have not become so exhausted nor have I become sick. Maybe I am just getting too old for those eighty hour weeks!

The water tower is up to its full height but we have not yet put the water tank on top. We are in the process of putting the stucco on the block walls that will make a tool room on the first level and an equipment room on the second level where the water treatment system will be installed and function. The gravity feed water tank will sit on the third level, which is the very top of the tower. The Colombian church has been having regular work crews heading out to the camp a couple of times a week in order to finish the job. We are having a work crew again tomorrow where we will get as many people as we can to spend the entire day out there as we work to try and finish the water tower.

One new thing for me down here is getting on to the internet. I am writing this on my laptop here in Villavicencio. This is my first post from Villavicencio, as I have never had access to the internet here before. Now that I do, I can check my email and even post a note on my blog. It also allows me to keep up with the news and other things which I would normally miss out on while here in Villavicencio. So as this week draws to a close, I am relatively well rested and have enjoyed the week much more. On Sunday, after church, I plan on driving back up to Bogota. But for the first time I am not totally exhausted after a week’s work in Villavicencio. Perhaps I will keep up this more relaxed schedule on future trips. It seems to work better for an “old guy” like me!