For the last couple of weeks, mixed in with a bout of the flu, I have continued to work diligently on my translation of the theological work by Dr. Jack Cottrell, titled, Faith Once For All. The translation of this work has been tedious and difficult, both because of the technical nature of the book and a significant tendency to make points based on the specific wording of a Biblical text. So I must work in the text itself as well as in the English and Spanish Bibles to make certain I understand what is being said and what the differences are.

That is because in many cases, the Spanish translation is significantly different from the English Bible, and so a great deal of adaptation and rewriting is sometimes necessary. In order to be faithful to the ideas and intent of the author, I must be very careful to make certain I fully understand his idea and argument. Only then can I begin to make the adaptations necessary in the Spanish text. At times his arguments are also culturally based or directed towards American issues. So one translates the ideas and not the specific words.

As a result, the translation has been one of the most complex I have ever attempted. I have been working on this translation for almost a year now, using every free moment I have when I am not actively involved in some other ministry commitment. I had hoped to be finished by now, but at this writing I am still working away. I have finished up through chapter 32 of 33 chapters in the book. So I am now working on what is the very last chapter that I need to translate. Hopefully I will be done within a week.

In fact today, I took time off to do some chores around the apartment and simply take a break from the very demanding work of translation. Once this book is finished, it will be off to College Press for printing and binding. The finished book will be a fabulous asset for the work, not only here in Colombia, but throughout Latin America. This college level theology text will serve as a doctrinal encyclopedia as well as a teaching manual throughout the region. I am very excited to see my participation in this effort nearing an end. That is because I am looking forward to using the finished product and in getting on to other projects I have waiting in the wings.