Yesterday, sandwiched between the three weeks of intensive activity with the deaf ministry and a two week visit by Gordon Clifford, the person who publishes much of what I write in Spanish translate for teaching here in the church, I taught a modular class at the Bible College. There were students who really wanted to get their required class in philosophy completed and so were asking if I could possibly fit it into my schedule. I agreed to do it in an intensive modular format.

So yesterday I was up early and off to the Bible College to teach for the entire day. We started at eight in the morning and went until five in the evening. It was a very intense day of teaching, especially since this class was at the undergraduate level, so I had to do almost all of the talking. The class is Philosophy 101 and is a basic introductory class that covers western philosophy from the earliest Ancient Greek schools clear up to and including Post-Modernism and New Age currents in modern thought.

As always, I teach with a clear Christian world view and I pepper my lessons with Scripture, so that the students can easily compare God’s Word with Man’s thought. There is much intellectual richness in philosophy, but there are also some very destructive ideas that have induced world wars and mass murder.

The focus of the class was the ways in which we can take advantage of cultural trends to more effectively preach the Gospel. By five that evening, when we were ending the class, I was hoarse and exhausted from nine hours of teaching. It had been a great day and the students were attentive and frequently grilled me as we covered the material. I enjoyed teaching the class and am glad we were able to work with the students to meet their needs and goals.

After I arrived back at the apartment that evening, I grabbed a quick bite of supper and then by six o’clock I had a meeting with the youth director at church as we worked through his program and plans. That meeting lasted until a little after nine in the evening. So after more than ten hours of talking, I was ready to crash. It had been a very long and a very tiring day. But it had been a day filled with the excitement of seeing the Lord’s work move forward in Colombia.