This past week has been a time of intensive teaching and working with the deaf preacher. We are planning on ordaining him this coming Sunday and we want to make sure that he is well prepared for the new responsibilities he will be taking on. The deaf church has been excited about the prospect of having their preacher ordained and is looking forward to this Sunday. In our teaching efforts we have held two hour classes with the deaf preacher four days last week and this week as well.

I had been taking one day a week to teach him all of last year. He has been very teachable and has a sharp and questioning mind. When he is not sure about something he is not shy about challenging us and we spend a great deal of time in the Bible as we pour over God’s word. Dewayne has been doing most of the teaching while he is here and I translate his material into Spanish. I add things if I feel there is a cultural gap in what Dewayne is teaching and what is being understood here.

Keep these efforts in your prayers as this is a major step forward for evangelism among the deaf community here in Colombia. William, the deaf preacher will apparently be the very first deaf person every ordained into the ministry. So please share with us in this exciting step in the preaching of the Gospel to every creature before Jesus returns.