It is the time of year to count your blessings and give thanks to God. Certainly, all of you have been a blessing to us as we work together to share the Good News in Colombia. So I want to pause together with my family to send greetings to all of you at this special time of year. I hope that you are all enjoying the special blessings that this special time brings as we share the blessings of family and fellowship in the joy of our celebration.

As Christians we always remember the purpose and meaning of our celebration. As another year draws to a close, we again pause to give thanks to God for His greatest gift of all; His son and our Lord-Jesus Christ. It is because of His sacrifice that we have hope and life. It is that gift that motivates us to give.

During this Christmas season I am once again back from Colombia to spend time with my family and to speak at supporting churches. It is a blessing and a joy to be here with almost all of my family at this special time of celebration. Only Alex is absent as he has not yet returned from Iraq.

We realize how blessed we are and how God has blessed the work to which He has called us. But that blessing is not for us alone. I want to share with you all that God has done in Colombia during this last year. That is because you are our coworkers in that ministry as we preach Christ in Colombia.

So as we thank God for His great gift, we also want to be sure and thank all of you for sharing with us. God has blessed the ministry and He has blessed us in a special way by giving us the blessings of having you to support and pray for the work that is going on there. We appreciate your prayers and your love offerings that make this work possible.

May God bless each and every one of you just as He has used each and every one of you to be a blessing to us and the work in Colombia. Thank you, and Merry Christmas,

The Meade Family