Recovering from my travel to and from Colombia seems to become a bit more of a challenge with each passing year. The trip itself, with takes an entire day; and a very long day at that, leaves me fatigued and lacking energy for a period of time after my arrival. The trip itself usually involves an entire day of being packed very tightly into a fully loaded aircraft with well over one hundred other travelers; all who seem to be coughing and sneezing.

A part of the trip is the fact that many of those travelers have colds or other illnesses that they are quite willing to share. As a result, I often come down with a cold or some other illness in the aftermath of my travel. Add to that, a couple of nights with little or no sleep and the need to clean and organize the apartment upon arrival, and you can see why I look forward to recovering fully from the trip and getting everything, myself included, up to speed.

That process usually takes me about a week. Now I have been back in Colombia long enough now to have recovered from my cold, cleaned and organized the apartment, and managed to get everything working. With that, I am ready to roll. Jeanie has begun production of the Sunday school material and I have preached my first sermon. Things are beginning to hum as we gear up for a new semester of work.

This year, two weeks after my wife and I got back to Colombia, our daughter Susy and our son-in-law Brian have arrived as well. They will be here for about two weeks to do some videos chronicling the work. So as I become fully involved in teaching and developing the Colombian leadership, they will be recording the process to share with you as you are our partners in this work.

We look forward to sharing in the excitement of ministry with all of you through the blog, the newsletters, and now through videos. God is doing great things here in Colombia and we want to share the thrill of what He is doing with you.