Meetings are not normally something most people would consider to be fun and even exciting. Generally, I avoid meetings as often as possible; preferring to be out working and preaching instead. But this meeting was different. I had been asked to form a part of the Executive Committee of the National Missionary Convention for the next two or three years. I attended the primary meeting in Cincinnati the first full week in December. The purpose of the meeting was to plan the basic structure of next year’s missionary convention, which is to be held in Cincinnati, Ohio.

For two days, we discussed how to make the convention even better than this year’s spectacular event in Indianapolis. While that will be a hard one to equal, we worked to make certain that the excitement and practicality of the convention is equal to or even better than what we did this year. While our business was serious, there was the light and even jovial atmosphere of a family gathering. We discussed what went well this year and looked into areas where we might improve. The earnest discussions were punctuated with moments of humor and laughter.

The two days passed very quickly and we nailed down one issue after another. The basic format and shape of the convention for next year began to take shape. We dealt with administrative issues as well. With all important matters settled, we wrapped up early enough for everyone to head home in the afternoon on Wednesday. Imagine that, a meeting that even ended on time! It had been a meeting that was actually fun and exciting. As the convention serves to encourage and develop the missionary outreach of our churches and the effectiveness of our missionaries as well, my participation on the executive committee is an important contribution to the overall missionary ministry of the church.

The convention next year should be a great time to ramp up the enthusiasm and excitement in your church and that will benefit the local church as much or even more than it will benefit the missionaries themselves. So plan on being a part of next year’s convention by setting aside those dates and beginning to save up for your trip beginning today.