Concerned by the lack of entries in my blog? Many had called or written, concerned by my prolonged silence. A lack of an email response only increased that concern. But as always, God has been watching over me. My silence was do to a rather mundane factor; a total crash of my computer.

In Colombia, two weeks before my return to the States for our semester break from the Bible College, my computer expired. The machine totally ceased to function and I could not even turn it on. I could not check my email, work on my translations, or write for my blog. For two weeks I was totally off-line. During that time I realized how much I had come to use and depend on my computer.

We normally make our computers last much longer than most businesses or people do with theirs. We do that to insure that we are getting the most use out of these rather costly machines and in order to be the very best stewards of the limited resources we have available for the work. So we push our computers to their limits and it this case I pushed it a little bit too far. I returned to the States the last week in October for my wife’s birthday and for a speaking date that last Sunday of the month.

As has been my recent custom, I return to the States to report to our churches and raise support while the school and college are on break in Colombia. We need to raise a minimum of $1,200 additional support to be able to sustain the Bible College program and so I am now up here busy at that task. Now added to that responsibility, I need to secure funding to buy a new computer. Since this was an unexpected and unwelcome event, we are in the situation of needing to be able to purchase a new computer as soon as possible.

Computers in Colombia tend to run about double what they do up here because of shipping and import duties. For that reason we need approximately $2,000 to secure a capable new work computer for Colombia as soon as possible. If you or your church could provide all or part of these funds to get us back up and functioning at full capacity in Colombia, that would be a blessing to the work and to me as well. Please help the us get all phases of the work effort back up to full productivity by providing for this critical need.