During the time that Ken Gardner was here for his seminars on using puppets in ministry, he also offered to help in any other way he could. I took advantage of that offer and decided to purchase supplies for our photocopier and have him print up some Sunday school lessons for the churches that had been pleading for them. There was no money in the budget for that but there was a tremendous need and I had an offer to help with the project in the form of donated labor. I decided to move ahead and trust the Lord to provide the funding.

So for that reason with Ken’s offer on one hand and the pleas of the churches and the children on the other, I decided the best way to make use of his time in between seminars was to have him print up some Sunday school lessons. Even given the shortage of funding, I invested several hundred dollars in paper and toner and put him to work. He proved very diligent and during the two weeks he was here, he was able to produce six month’s worth of lessons for the three churches here in Bogotá that had been pleading for them. One of those churches is where the girl who I mentioned a couple of weeks ago in another article about the Sunday school material attends for Sunday school and church. Now she won’t be worried about why she does not have Sunday school lessons.

In the two weeks that he was here, he ran off some fifteen thousand pieces of literature. The photocopier got a workout and the kids now have materials for their Sunday school. Now I am trusting the Lord to provide the $360 to pay for the materials we have purchased and used. This effort was only a shadow of what we used to produce. At one time we were producing for all of the churches in four states. Now we only could produce materials for three churches in one city. But it is a start as we put our faith in God and our trust in you as His people to provide for this great need for the work here in Colombia. At the same time we continue to pray that some church or individual will be called of the Lord to help with this project and provide the $200 in monthly support this project would need to be fully restored.