It sounded like a really big firecracker, but in the end, the bomb was not at all close to where I was or where we live. Many of you have probably read about the car bomb that was set off earlier this week here in Bogotá. One person was killed and about a dozen military personnel were injured. The name of the section of town where the bomb went of was given in some of the reports as similar to the section of town were we live. But the bomb went of on the other side of a very large central park here in Bogotá.

When the explosion occurred, I happened to be heading across the road to a nearby commercial center to get some paper for use here in the office. I heard the boom and felt the shock waves, but it was far enough away that there was no damage in this area of town. Bombs still go off with a certain degree of frequency here in Bogotá. But it is not nearly as often as it used to be. While there is a slight chance I could be in the wrong place at the wrong time, Bogotá is a big city and I do not tend to frequent the places the guerrillas usually target.

But I do thank you for your concern and for your prayers. Living and working here in Colombia remains a dangerous proposition but there are great open doors for ministry in the Lord’s kingdom. We accept that risk and simply trust in the Lord to watch over us and provide His protection. We also appreciate and thank you for being our prayer partners in this exciting but dangerous ministry.