This week I finished the first class I taught in our Bible college program. For eight weeks I taught four hours each Tuesday morning. The class was rewarding as several of the students mentioned growing in their Biblical understanding to the point of changing some of their previous doctrines that they had come to realize were not in line with Biblical teaching. Now next week I begin two more classes. One will be a class on Soteriology, or the doctrine of salvation and the other will be an Old Testament survey class.

During the rest of the week I had many other committments, including four Bible studies with small groups or with families. Also I would work grading papers and preparing for my next class. There are also organizational meetings as we work to get the New Testament chuches in the country more involved with the program. Things continue to be very busy but rewarding as we see so much happening so fast. Pray with us that God provide the needed funds to be able to take full advantage of these many opportunities.