This week has again seen frenetic activity in the establishment of our Bible college program. My first graduate class is with preachers and church leaders from indigenous church groups here in Colombia. It has been an opportunity to share the simple Gospel message with them as they compare clear Bible teaching to the often convoluted theologies developed by different church groups.

On Thursday, we had an all day training session with people from the Christian University that is cooperating with us in our effort in the form of providing accreditation coverage. This meeting was to train us in how to register and guide the new students from our churches. Interest has been very high and now we are ready to begin our own registration campaign of those who have indicated a strong interest.

There are some obstacles though as we move forward. The devaluation of the dollar has made it difficult in cover the expenses of travel and promotion at a time when we have been forced to cut major programs. The dollar has lost a full one-third of its value in the last few years forcing us to drop important programs such as our printing ministry.

So as doors open, there are obstacles as well. Please pray with us that God provide for the opportunities as He presents them to us. Specific needs are for establishing a small theological library in different geographical regions of the country (app. $1,000 for each libary and four are needed), scholarships for new students who could not afford to pay for their education on their own (this will run about $200 per student per semester and we have some fifty students ready to begin immediately), and for funds for a person to travel to the different churches in order to promote the program and oversee the tutors who will be guiding the students in the different regions of the country(this will cost about $400 per month). While I will be the primary professor, we will use an extension format and local tutors to multiply the efforts of this ministry.
Join us in praising God for such incredible opportunities and in raising these needs up before Him as we move forward!