This week has been a busy one as I prepare for my classes, grade homework papers, and continue to coordinate the college project with our own churches and the Christian college that has given us accrediation coverage. There is hardly time to get it all done. On top of the college work I continue to work with the churches by preaching, leading Bible studies, and meeting with people who have questions and concerns. Thankfully the Good Lord has given me the health and the stamina to keep up with all that needs to be done. It is exciting to see the enthusiasm of the Colombian Christians as we begin to offer classes at college and graduate school level. In a leader’s meeting late last week, the Colombian preachers were so thrilled that it was chaos. Everyone wanted to talk at once and they all wanted me to visit their church that very weekend to share the plans and sign up students. Even though we have been functioning only a few weeks, we already have some thirty of our own leaders signed up for classes; and we have yet to visit the majority of the churches! Join me in praising God and share this exciting progress with your church as well. It is God blessing our shared ministry that is making this happen.